Manic Baby presents Consignment

"A beautiful and ornate puzzle, disguised as a film noir romance... an alluring, multi-layered film experience." - Ruth Burgess, “This level of complexity is seldom found within the confines of a short film... beautifully realized and thought provoking.” - Richard Propes, The Independent Critic "A terrific short film debut... capturing a slice of 1950's suburbia and blurring the lines of reality." - Oliver Hunt, Gorilla Film Magazine"Consignment evokes a nostalgic mood while remaining puzzling." - Mark Bell, Film Threat"A film with the style of an early David Lynch film, produced to a comparable level of quality." - Teresa D. Lee, Rogue Cinema"A dark tale, seasoned to perfection with riveting music and cinematography." - Evan O. Albert, Ace Weekly"A visual masterpiece... a perplexing short film you'll want to watch more than once." - Mark Vanderpool, Port Cities Review

"Consignment" is a stylish period drama written and directed by Justin Hannah, starring Abbra Smallwood, Margaret Wuertz, Jake Gilliam and Jessica McGill, with cinematography by Lee Clements and music by Robert Casal.

"Consignment" won awards for Best Cinematography at the 2015 Blaquefyre Independent Film Festival, Best Kentucky Short at the 2014 Autumn Shorts Film Festival, Best Short Film at the 2013 World Independent Film Expo, and Most Original Film at the 2013 Floyd Film Festival.

Justin Hannah's "Consignment" is now available for instant streaming on Hulu and Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Vimeo On Demand, and IndieFlix.


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